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Fingerprints on the Edge

I’ve been struggling with the idea of writing a novel for quite some time – literally struggling, not toying with the idea. I had several pieces sitting in a folder on my hard drive that I’ve gathered though the years; ideas that have started, run a bit and smoldered out, leaving a few charred remains and a few usable planks in the rubble.  Now is a horrible time to start this adventure, but it’s the only time I have.  With a beautiful wife, three kids, and MBA in progress and a dog, the idea of running with this project is pure insanity, therefore I must.

I like the idea of the novel in serial, bite sized bits of fiction that harken back to a different time – I’m not following the pulp-fiction formula, but the idea is basically the same.   I’ll post updates every Sunday and Thursday.  If you enjoy what I’m doing and it entertains you, please consider hitting the tip jar.

Thanks to my friend Ramona for suggesting that I write the novel. Came about during a  conversation we had about my cousin Daniel and his plans to write a novel – Daniel passed away in the early 1980s at about 20 years old. I still miss him today.


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