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Chapters to the book

Chapter 2 The Canyons of Manhattan Part 2

Martin and Frankie talked about other things for a while, then came around to talk about the beating again.  Frankie explained how he had laid there for a while that night after he took his beating,  laid there with his face on the pavement.  He could see those little bits of glass shining like diamonds [...]

Chapter 2 – The Canyons of Manhattan Part 1

The first thing Frankie saw when he woke up were the shadows of dead bugs in the thin, yellowing frosted glass light fixture directly above him.  The light bulb was still burning, and he was still wearing his jeans.  He knew that it was morning, because there was still a lingering biting chill swirling in [...]

Chapter 1 – Reunions Part 2

Timothy looked at the clock, it was well past three a.m., and he could feel morning starting on its way; it was getting late and the hours were zipping by him.  He sat up on the side of his bed and grabbed the smokes off the nightstand, shook one of cab driver’s cigarettes out of [...]

Chapter 1 – Reunions Part 1:

The silence was a little awkward the first couple of blocks as they walked out into the crisp fall Manhattan evening, out of the warmth and the rich aromas of fresh baked biscotti and espresso, and away from the last real honest-to-goodness family-owned Italian cafe on Bleeker Street.  Frank and Timothy started talking about how [...]

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