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Fingerprints on the Edge Now Available!

Zeke belongs to an older New York, a time when a man could find his way with his wits, his hands, and guts.  Addiction, heartbreak and the darkness that finds them on the Lower East Side and in an old-school go-go bar stalks their every move. “Very few people get to walk down the street [...]

Chapter 3 Lex Luthor

“Hey, Luthor, hurry up with the iced latte, would you? It’s not rocket science, it’s a coffee drink.”  Luthor pushed the glasses back up on his nose, and glared as hard as he could at the kid who’d just snapped at him.  The thickness of the lenses in his glasses were cleverly hidden by the [...]

Chapter One – “Reunions” Commentary

You can download the original draft of Chapter One here:    {filelink=4}  or on the download page. There was a period of time when I lived in NYC during the mid-1980′s and early 1990′s that a lot of people I knew were going to rehab at a resident rehab center in Minnesota called Hazelden; one [...]

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